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In 1856 Lewis Cass Tilton and his wife, Elizabeth Lacey Tilton trekked by covered wagon with 6 children, an ox and a cow from Coshocton County, Ohio to settle 40 acres of virgin Brown County land. Since then 6 generations of Tiltons have made Brown County their home. They share not just a common name, but a determination to make a life -- a wonderful life in what has been known as "The Peaceful Valley". To that end they have chosen a wide range of occupations including, doctor, banker, preacher, grocer, farmer, furniture maker, teacher, and owners of many different businesses. Vital in the rich history of the Brown County community, they were all homemakers. In 1993, the Cornerstone Inn was built in honor of these Brown County ancestors and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our first 21 years of innkeeping have been a truly wonder-filled experience. Abundant THANKS to all our guests. You are the best anywhere! We look forward to serving you all and more of you for many more years. - And in some new ways! (More about that soon.)

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